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Value chain improvement In Lietuvos Energija has finished the most important project — a value chain improvement programme. During the project the core related activities of the Group were merged and distributed across companies ensuring more efficient operations of the Group, creating the highest value and providing additional benefits to customers: related activities were merged, customer service was centralised.

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Bythe total estimated benefit for customers and shareholders of the company will amount to EUR 64 million. The structure of the Group was reorganised since 1 of January as the new joint entities started their operations. The updated operating concept improved customer service, increased operating efficiency and reduces costs.

The largest benefit of the changes are expected for the customers: a simple and convenient single window servicing arrangement, standardised servicing and processes, new services, faster connection to the engineering networks and procedures.

New company distributes electricity to more than 1. ESO integrated the best competences of the two companies — this synergy will help the Group to enhance its efficiency, reduce the operating costs and create additional benefits for electricity thermal energy system trading llc natural gas customers.

The divisions established in regional centres coordinates the operations of the dispatcher's stations in the region, plan the repair, development or upgrading of electricity and gas distribution networks.

A self-service website www.

The integrated customer servicing arrangement will accumulate the best practices and through the 'one stop' facility offers most relevant and convenient services to the customers — online, by telephone or at a customer service centre. The servicing will be made even more convenient due to a possibility to pay by a single transfer for two services geriausiai parduodamos knygos apie pasirinkimo sandorius electricity and natural gas.

Other 24 companies providing utility services, e. The accumulation of customer service specialists at a single company of the Group — Verslo aptarnavimo centras — allows the Group to decrease operating expenses, increase flexibility and create additional benefits for customers.

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The Business Servicing Centre also administer the payments, manage accounting and handle indebtedness. The maximum value of the transaction may reach EUR Energijos tiekimas took over the wholesale energy trade operations since 1 Januaryand appointed Vidmantas Salietis as the General Manager of Energijos tiekimas.

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At such centres customers are provided a possibility to learn use the Gilė programme and the self-service portal www. The special self-service www. Single short number operates round the clock for any issues related to electricity or gas. In case of gas leak call at emergency number Integrated trade in electricity and improved production Lietuvos energijos gamyba is the company integrating the energy production operations, while the wholesale trade in electricity has been segregated and transferred to Energijos tiekimas.

thermal energy system trading llc

This arrangement will increase flexibility in the market and ensure a possibility to customise new products to the needs of the customers. EnePRO merged and integrated the competence and the expertise of two companies, and established a thermal energy system trading llc energy service and contracting company that provides a range of services, such as construction, reconstruction, repair and maintenance of energy facilities and other services.

The synergy of thermal energy system trading llc similar and each other complementing companies opens broader possibilities to develop complex and expedient solutions, develop the service portfolio, and increase the competitiveness of the company in the energy service market, decrease the operating costs and thus contribute to enhancing the Group's value.

EnePRO dedicates significant attention to an increase of its performance efficiency by introducing LEAN tools and other advanced practices. The part of the business sold was not related to the physical electricity production — trade in derivative financial instruments and the provision of the balancing service.

thermal energy system trading llc

Thus the merger transaction was postponed pending the 25 final drawing up and approval of the legal and regulatory base governing the operations of the liquefied gas LNG terminal and the assigned supply. Diversification of activities Diversification of activities of the Group is one of the main preconditions for increasing the value of the Group.

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Bythe Group is planning to invest almost EUR 1 billion in various areas: heat sector by constructing new or upgrading the existing cogeneration power plants, supply and sales of natural gas utilising the potential of the LNG terminal, renewable energy sources.

Cogeneration power plant projects in Vilnius and Kaunas The Lietuvos Energija Group implements the projects of modern waste and biofuel-fired high-efficiency cogeneration power plants construction in Vilnius and Kaunas.

thermal energy system trading llc

New power plants will produce heat and electricity and ensure lower heat production prices for consumers of these cities as well as additional production of local electricity at a competitive price and will solve waste management problems. By Resolution of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania of 28 May the projects were recognized as projects of state significance.

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Currently, Lietuvos Energija is implementing the project in Vilnius independently, however, it has planned for a possibility to attract partners in other stages of the implementation of the project.

The Environmental Protection Agency has authorised the activities under the project.

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The object of the procurement comprises all works, services, equipment and materials, geriausias dvejetainių parinkčių laikotarpis will be used to design and construct a new cogeneration power plant in Vilnius.

On 12 Octoberthe potential contractors selected by way of competition were delivered the technical specifications according to which the potential contractors are drawing up and will submit the final binding tenders. The tender consists of two parts - construction of waste incineration and biofuel cogeneration facilities. The planned electric capacity of waste incineration facility will be about 18 megawatts and its thermal capacity about 53 MW, while electric and thermal capacity of biofuel facilities will be 70 MW and MW, respectively.

thermal energy system trading llc

After the approval by the Government on 28 September, on 15 October AB Lietuvos energija and UAB Fortum Heat Lietuva concluded a contract that defined the terms for the obligations of the partners, and the conditions for the joint investment into the construction of a new waste cogeneration power plant in Kaunas.

The Board of the company consists of three thermal energy system trading llc of which two are appointed by AB Lietuvos energija, in addition to one independent member of the Board.

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The total investment in the project will amount to EUR million. Having received and considered comments and proposals from market participants the company was in the course of continuing public procurement of principal components of the future waste power plant: boiler, steam turbine and a generator, smoke cleaning equipment, cranes as well as engineering-project management services.

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The new model for the maintaining the LNG terminal provides that the NCC should establish an average market price for natural gas. That will be the price for which LITGAS would sell gas to heat and electricity producers, and the difference between the acquisition and the sale price, and other assigned supply-related costs would be recovered from the capacity charge collected from all consumers of gas.

The project provides for a construction of a new high capacity power plant using waste as fuel, with the electric power reaching 24 MW, and the heat production power of 70 MW. Such capacities will ensure an efficient utilisation of abouttons of waste generated in the region, and a production of about GWh heat and about GWh of electricity.

Interim report Q1 and Q3 Unaudited results of Latvenergo Group for the nine-month period of Riga, CET -- Today, on 27 November, the unaudited interim condensed consolidated financial statements of Latvenergo Group for the nine-month period of were published. In the nine-month period ofLatvenergo Group was the largest electricity generator in the Baltics, generating 3, GWh of electricity. In the nine-month period ofelectricity prices in the Baltic and Nordic countries were significantly lower than in the respective period a year ago. This was related to the improvement of the hydrobalance in the Nordic countries and lower demand due to warmer weather and COVID After the reporting period, for the 12th time in a row and for the 13th time altogether Latvenergo received the award as the most valuable Latvian company in TOP Most Valuable Companies of Latvia.

In view of the decreasing demand in natural gas in the energy sector which has been obligated to use gas from the terminal, the annual volume was reduced by about one third — from approximately 5. The duration of the contract was extended to the end ofwhich thus will coincide with the duration of the lease of the Independence vessel.

Furthermore, the pricing formula was modified which made the price of the LNG supplied according to the contract similar to that of the gas supplied by the pipeline. LNG gas is becoming a competitive alternative On 5 February a Group company Lietuvos dujų tiekimas concluded a liquefied natural gas LNG supply contract with Statoil, according to which the company will satisfy more than half of the annual demand of gas about million m³. Having assessed the offers submitted by Gazprom and other LNG suppliers, Statoil was selected due to its most advantageous economic and pricing terms.

This contract will facilitate Lietuvos dujų tiekimas in its efforts to diversify the supply portfolio and maintain stable natural gas supply prices to customers, despite the adverse developments in the Gazprom pricing policy.

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On 16 February, a gas carrier reached the Klaipėda Sea Port with the first commercial shipment of the LNG of Lietuvos dujų tiekimas — about 70, m³, i. The other half of the gas carrier's capacity of 70, m³ was filled with the LNG intended to Achema. LITGAS, another company of the Group and engaged in trading in gas has been supplying to regulated energy producers the amount of the LNG required for the terminal since 1 January ESCO projects will be implemented by a new company On 18 FebruaryLietuvos energija established a new company UAB Energijos sprendimų centras that will be engaged in the development of energy efficiency enhancement and renewable energy resources in Lithuania and abroad.

An announcement about the first street lighting project based on ESCO principles and to be implemented in Širvintos; the project will be implemented by Energijos tiekimas.

The construction of the steam boiler station was completed early in On 16 Januarythe commission set up by the General Manager recognised the steam boiler station to be suitable for operation. This This boiler station ensures an uninterrupted production of heat energy, and the commissioning of the electricity production capacities of the reserve power plant from a cold status.

Another important accomplishment in was the completed construction of the biofuel boiler station. The station now houses two biofuel boilers with condensing economiser with the total thermal input of 40 MW. The biofuel boiler station construction works have been completed, as well as all the procedures related to the completion of the construction procedures.

Possibility to take over the third cogeneration power plant Two wind power parks added to the Group's portfolio On 16 Octobera taking over by the Municipality of Vilnius of the third cogeneration power plant TEC was announced. The transaction will make it possible to establish the value of the TEC corresponding to market conditions, and assess the possibilities for the further use of the TEC.

Untill recently, neither the Municipality of Vilnius, nor the State-managed group of entities Lietuvos energija has had a possibility to assess the condition of the TEC or determine its market price corresponding to thermal energy system trading llc conditions.

thermal energy system trading llc

The Group maintains cooperation ties with the Municipality and seeks possibilities to ensure that the TEC generates maximum possible added value for electricity iq dvejetainių opcionų brokeriai heat consumers.

Prior to taking over an asset of that volume, it is necessary to carry out its diligent technical, financial and economic analysis; the value of the TEC will have to be determined by competent experts, asset valuers. Project of heat production infrastructure in Elektrėnai is finished InLietuvos energijos gamyba completed the tvirtos prekybos strategijos of the project 'Construction of heat energy production capacity and steam production capacity' at the Lithuanian power plan, and started operating the new steam and biofuel boiler houses, as efficient and economical heat energy generation capacities independent from the electricity generation.