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So far so good. Had a quick delivery and found the support very good.

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The Rev 08 Dec 20 Outstanding product and even better customer service! Purchased a W2B water softener for home use via Amazon.

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Item arrived geriausias dvejetainių parinkčių laikotarpis pristine condition. Took a couple of times going through the directions and watching a few YouTube videos to fully grasp After that, installation was stupid easy!!

Unit works great on very hard water.

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Hands down the best customer service I have enjoyed in a very long time. We have very hard water and the difference is amazing. No more soap scum in bath water just lots of lovely bubbles.

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I would recommend. Dealt with my questions quickly and gave great guidance. Definitely would recommend the company.

Graham Schofield 03 Dec 20 Fitted water2buy water filter kit easy to fit and easy to replace filtersWould definitely recommend this company. I could not go back to not michael gibbons prekybos sistema a water softener unless of course I lived in a soft water area.

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It keeps my appliances and everything else sparkly clean and limescale free. I've read that it will help keep central heating pipes clear of limescale etc and keep it running more efficiently. I cannot comment on the efficiency of this but if it keeps the pipes looking anything like my dishwasher then I can only think it does help.

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The unit sits under my sink and after a set amount of water metered has gone through it, it will regenerate. I've set it to regenerate in the early hours of the morning and it is fairly quiet when it does this.

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I can fully recommend one of these, especially if you live in a very hard water area like me. Water2Buy support have been very quick and helpful when I needed them initially getting everything set up correctly. Haitham Telou 02 Dec 20 Great product and customer service.

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I have been a customer since and have been happy ever since. Anthony Bevans These are by far the best water softeners on the market. Ian Craig The softener seems to work well.

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Alessandro Foina 02 Dec 20 Ottimi prodotti, prodotti all'altezza dei migliori sul mercato. Miglior rapporto qualità prezzo, ho comprato un addolcitore volumetrico da 6 persone più di 4 anni fa, installato da solo facilmente, ottima assistenza da remoto, mai un problema